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works: anjila wilson

remove gently
the obstacles in your way
for these
are your tools.

embrace this change
and move.

in us,
call the buried seed,
water and reap.

keep in mind
but we are our thoughts.

and bloom.

I remove gently, these obstacles in my space.

for these, have been my tools.

I Embrace this change, welcome and move.

In me, I am calling this buried seed.

I looked after, nurtured and feed.

The space I had is a part of me.

The space I had, I am now part of it.

It is now time for me to leave and hand over.

I do this with a thank you, a bow and a humble manoeuvre.

She smiled and said softly "I will feed
the wee insects and be part of the tree

I will feed the wee birds
and be part of the earth

you see
there is no beginning
no ending

only movement
a cycle

I will breathe once more
as if
whispers in the wind"