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works: anjila wilson

"why are you applying for painting"

scratching his head with a baffled look.

"you don't paint anymore"

Saying, with his hands open, inviting me to answer

 "I'm a painter"

      "I am"





I say slowly and clearly with confidence and certainty.

I was ceratin I was a painter, I put myself in a box.

I became a slave to my medium.


That box has been put in the recycle bin.

Gone !


In the Western society, we seem to be obsessed with perfection.

what is perfection?

It has became apparent to me, that, here, in the West, perfection is very different.

I often wonder, is this cultural? is it learned? or is this due to the barrage of the media portraying an image of how we should look or how we should live our lives.

I often feel we are surrounded by what is seen to be "perfect" and often, too quickly, without regard, dispose of things we deem as imperfect. This could be an object, our environment or sadly,  our physical, emotional and mental self.

We, as a culture, wish to sand down the rough edges; we wish things to be smooth and clean to fit into our idea of "perfection"

Alan Watts a British philosopher and speaker said "To Taoism that which is absolutely still or absolutely perfect is absolutely dead, for without the possibility of growth and change there can be no Tao. In reality, there is nothing in the universe which is absolutely perfect or completely still: it is only in the minds of men that such concepts exist" 

I find it beautiful that it is said "when one sips from a rustic cup, one tastes Wabi-Sabi; when one sees a small flower pushing its way through a piece of concrete, one sees Wabi-Sabi" It appears to me, that the object, thing or us that is not quite "right" or "perfect" equally and indirectly brings its pure essence and existence together making the object, nature or oneself authentic and "perfect"


I discovered from an academic program hidden epi-genetics that in the mid-70s, geneticists discovered Fluid Genome.

It has been discovered that one's DNA and cells do not work in a linear way as we are sadly led to believe.

What I find interesting and I would go as far to say, very exciting is that it has been discovered that cells are not only protein-based but in actual fact, our cells and DNA are taken from one's own environment too.

It has also been discovered that these can be passed down generations which in turn is "memory".

On the same note above, Geneticists such as Dr Mae-wan Ho discovered Genome is re-written by one's own environment and experiences. 

Dr Mae-wan H0 say "our Genome is a continuous narrative" (TPV Hidden Science-epigenetics, 2014)

This tells me, I am a product of my environment and what I expose myself too, I am constantly recording.

Further, If we are proactive with what we expose ourselves too with such things as healthy food, kind people, positive environment and so on this shapes who we are as a person and also, our body changes from the inside.