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works: anjila wilson

It was in the spring 2012, I took out a piece of vinyl that I had not taken out since the passing of a childhood friend 23years previously.

As I slipped the vinyl out the sleeve, I could see, very faintly, a smudged fingerprint on the black shiny record.

To sit, and study that mark, that trace that was left behind, filled me with an emotion; an emotion of the here and now.

I felt a connection; a connection to my past.

This event was part of me and contributes to a small part of who I am today.

This was to be my first introduction to a mark, a mark left behind.

This introduction was brought on by chance; this occurrence was an event, a moment and a space in time that was in the absence of any obvious intent, outcome or cause.

Every mark that followed I valued.

Since that unexpected introduction, it has forced me to look at my environment with more patience.

I have become a consumer of memories, found objects, marks, traces and information.

We are here to allow our true purpose to unfold.

This how special we are.


Anjila Wilson


Degree Honours, painting, Edinburgh College of art, Edinburgh, Scotland 2014- 2017

HND Contemporary art Practice, Telford College, Edinburgh, Scotland 2012-2014

Foundation in art and design, Telford College, Edinburgh, Scotland 2011-2012

BTEC First diploma. Telford College, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010-2011