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works: anjila wilson

As a painter, collecting, storing and evoking memories those inherent within objects both made and found, and those contained within the information and experiences I distil is at the core of my practice.

The pieces I create are approached with great thought and care.

Through this process, I am able to connect with chosen materials, to live and work alongside them, giving the work space to breathe, to come alive and reveal their character.

Every flaw is valued and acknowledged, for these are what gives the works their distinction and truth.

As I walk, I feel the history underneath my feet, whilst my eyes are drawn to the history I see around me. I am interested in the memories things hold and the memories we hold.

My true inner self is pulled towards certain Eastern philosophies. These thought systems create a fine, almost invisible but essential thread which weaves through and connects all that I do.

I do not "copy" these thought systems. Rather, they are part of me, contributing to my way of seeing, thinking and being, and not simply my way of making and doing.